About Us

Friendswood children's House, located in Friendswood at 304 West Edgewood Drive, is the preschool and kindergarten professional in the area.  Our well-trained staff consists of certified teachers who will give your child the attention and guidance they'll need.

Our capable staff at Friendswood Children's House has learned that, through individual attention, children can spend their early years having fun and learning at their own pace. This makes an easy transition into school years.  All of our teachers are totally committed to providing tender loving care to each child so that parents can rest assured that their child is in a well-balanced, happy environment.

If you're interested in a creative, individualized program geared to your child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development, please call or come visit us and learn more about our school.  Various programs for full- and half-day sessions are available.  Help your youngster take that first important step!

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