Early Preschool

18 months - 32/36 months

A child's life is like a piece of paper which every person leaves a mark. 

- Robert A. Heinlein



Toddlers desire to do things independently and thrive through exploration.  Research proves young children gain knowledge when provided an opportunity to explore their world and interact with their environment.  Encouraging the natural active nature of toddlers is what we do best.  Teachers provide excitement for these busy little learners through developmentally appropriate activities.

Early Preschool Classrooms provide opportunity to build:

  •     Language Skills through dramatic play, songs, big books and board books.
  •     Social Growth Skills through circle time and interactive activities and open area for free play
  •     Motor Skills through music and movement, crayons, paints and markers
  •     Cognitive Skills through puzzles, blocks and sensory exploration.
  •     Life Skills through confidence building activities such as washing and drying hands

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