3 Years

The greatest discoveries all started with the question "Why?" 
- Dr. Robert D. Ballard

Three year olds are like sponges; they absorb new experiences.  Because they are developmentally curious and gain knowledge through active involvement, our teachers develop lessons designed to encourage and excite the young learner.  Classrooms are created to stimulate opportunity for children to learn, grow and develop their skills confidently. 

Preschool Classrooms provide opportunity to build:
  •     Language Skills through imaginary play, finger plays, stories through dramatic play and a print rich environment.
  •     Social Growth Skills through shared and independent learning activities.
  •     Motor Skills through games, music and movement, stringing, lacing and creative art
  •     Cognitive and Math Skills through matching, classifying, sequencing events, identifying colors, shapes and size, rote counting and much, much more.
  •     Life Skills through interactive play and helping others.

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