We are writing to thank Friendswood Children's House staff for making our daughter's year a tremendous success!  Being in the school business, we value education and understand it's importance as it sets the stage for student success and future learning.  This year, Lucy has gone from singing the Alphabet song to understanding phonemic rules and sounding out letters to making words, then putting those words into proper text.  We call it reading!  We are so pleased at the progress she has made due to the consistent support given by all the staff at Friendswood Children's House.  I remember vividly you saying that "children read at varying stages of life and we don't force it, but will encourage it as it develops."  You certainly did just that and we are so very thankful.  As we consider making the best decisions for our family in life, we are confident that Friendswood Children's House was the greatest decision we could have made for our Lucy.  We are equally confident that her new knolwedge of letters, vocabulary, and numbers will provide the foundation for a very successful kindergarten year.  We owe your staff greatly for the work you have done with our daughter.  We relentlessly pray for our kids and then send our most valuable assets into the world; we are so pleased that we chose to send her to you.

With a heart of thanks,
Lee & Colette Whitlock
(Assistant Principal at Westwood Elementary)

My experience with Friendswood Children's House far exceeded my expectations.  When I was searching for a preschool to enroll my daughter into four years ago, I was simply looking for a safe, loving environment with an introduction to basic skills and socialization.  Friendswood Children's House proved to be much more than that; it has also provided a solid foundation for my child's education.  The curriculum included individualized instruction but also concentrated on independent learning.  Upon entering the kindergarten program, my child was already reading due to her exposure at the Children's House preschool for the past three years.  The kindergarten teacher adjusted her curriculum to meet the diverse needs of the individual members in the class and allowed students to excel at their own pace.  I have also been very impressed with the science program that was included in the kindergarten curriculum.  Not only were scientific concepts taught, but they were reinforced with experiments.  Overall, I feel my child has been given a first class foundation for her continuing education in the public schools.

Kristen Fornfeist, Parent
Windsong Intermediate Teacher

Our son attended Friendswood Children's House for preschool last year, and he is presently a kindergartener at FCH.  We have been thrilled with the educational experience that he has received there.  There are so many exceptional qualities to the program.  The small student to teacher ratio, the individualized instruction that meets the needs of each child, and the creative methods of teaching that incorporate the use of manipulative's are just to name a few.  The teachers challenge our son and give him the opportunity to develop independence, which in turn has strengthened his self-esteem and confidence.  All of this is done in a loving environment where our child feels loved and respected.  Friendswood Children's House has given our son the solid foundation and love of school that will help ensure his future academic and personal success.

Chris and Candy Chuoke
Counselor, Clear Lake Intermediate

Friendswood Children's House provides an excellent learning experience for children.  There is immense dedication towards the mental and physical development of each child.  More specifically, Friendswood Children's House provides age appropriate learning environments that enable young children to be successful.  Furthermore, this positive learning environment is matched with quality service and professionalism by the staff.  These two elements coupled together are the key ingredients that make this school a success.  I have arrived at this conclusion based on personal experience having had one daughter attend for 3 years and another who is currently attending.  Both as a parent and an educator, I can say I have been very pleased with the quality of education and the overall development of my own children.

J.T. Patton
Assistant Principal, Friendswood High School

My son Joshua had a wonderful two years at Friendswood Children's House.  He had the pleasure of learning from two excellent preschool teachers.  The faculty and staff helped instill in my son a curiosity about how things work and a love of learning.  In addition to his academics, and certainly as important, Joshua learned critical social skills during those formative years in the classroom and on the playground.  His time there prepared him well for the rigors of public school kindergarten.  We enthusiastically recommend Friendswood Children's House as an interactive and developmentally-appropriate training ground for your child's preschool experience.

Barbara Gruener, Counselor
Westwood Elementary

As a mother of 5, I have knowledge about and have been so pleased with our experience in the Toddler, Pre-K4, and summer programs at Friendswood Children's House.  The teachers are skilled, nurturing, and committed to children's learning.  I wanted an environment that focused not only on one aspect of my child's growth, but a program that understood the importance of academic, language, social and emotional development.  I am delighted about the implementation of a specific program, Handwriting Without Tears, that has helped my four year old and many others with writing skills.  I am so grateful that our school recognizes a variety of strategies in early childhood education that will better prepare our children for success.  With 7 month old twins at home, I am thrilled to be able to continue to reap the benefits that Friendswood Children's House program has to offer.

Isa Frangente, Ph.D.
Reamer Pediatric Associates

As parents of three Friendswood Children's House students, we have been overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of care and attention paid to our children's education by their devoted teachers.  Our children felt loved and secure in the classroom environment and made great friendships as well.  The curriculum was structured after each individual child's educational needs and helped each one progress at his or her own pace.  We have been so impressed by Friendswood Children's House and highly recommend it to all our friends!

Kyle and Jennifer Freedman
Director of Student Ministries, Friendswood Community Church

We are writing to thank you for 9 wonderful years at Friendswood Children's House.  Friendswood Children's House has provided all of our 3 boys with a vital jump start on their education.  We have nothing but praise for you, your teachers and your curriculum.  Our boys all experienced an individualized educational track based on their intellectual development.  The fundamentals and strong reading skills they developed while at your school have laid the necessary foundation for success as a student in FISD.  Our older boys are both in the Gifted and Talented Program in FISD and we feel that the time they spent at Friendswood Children's House nurtured and challenged them.  All of our boys not only attended Pre-School but all 3 stayed through the kindergarten program.  I cannot say enough about the wonderful memories the Cagle family will carry with them from Friendswood Children's House.

Greg & Heather Cagle

As parents, we did a comprehensive search of preschools in the Friendswood, Pearland and Clear Lake area.  Our search eventually led us to Friendswood Children's House ("the little red schoolhouse").  We were concerned about challenging our three children but also to make learning fun and school an enjoyable experience.  We found this combination at the little red schoolhouse.  Our girls attended the school part-time during their Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 years.  During this time, they advanced through letter recognition, phonics and reading.  They were bringing home books and reading them aloud at the age of 4.  They learned number recognition and counting to 100, basic addition and pattern/shape recognition.  Writing and other activities that help with fine motor control and hand coordination are also emphasized.  In addition to the basic studies, the kids have learned about science, art, and lessons that aide in character development.  The program is organized and well balanced.  The teachers have all been terrific, approachable and accommodating.  We are extremely pleased with our decision to send all three of our girls to the Friendswood Children's House and highly recommend the school without hesitation to other families.

Drs. Mark and Lynette Moss

When our daughter turned 4 we chose to send her to Friendswood Children's House based on recommendations from other parents.  We did not expect great things during her first year of pre-K other than a love for school.  My husband and I feel strongly that once a love for school is developed then learning can take place.  However, FCH exceeded our expectations.  The school provides such a nurturing environment that our introverted daughter participated.  Occasionally, I would catch her acting as a confident leader.  FCH worked diligently on social skills.  I would often hear my daughter saying "to have a friend, you must be a friend."  With a strong foundation in place, our daughter was able to become a learner.  Our daughter's birthday is in August, so we were uncertain whether to send her to kindergarten or complete another year of pre-K.  We placed that decision in the hands of her teacher, which we respect a great deal.  Upon her recommendation, we chose to keep her at the school to complete a transition year.  The additional year spent at FCH gave her the confidence she needed for Friendswood schools.  With that confidence she was willing to take chances necessary for learning.  Our daughter is presently in the first grade at Friendswood public schools and performing on level.  Her social behavior is great and she is well adjusted.  The foundation she developed at FCH has provided her the ability to be a successful student.

Leslie S.

I have had 2 children now go through FCH and our experience with your school has been nothing short of wonderful.  You have consistently provided caring, effective teachers through the years and have a curriculum that is both positive and challenging.  My daughter blossomed under your hands on approach to learning and my son has become an independent learner from the methods of Montessori combined with other child centered learning.  As a parent, we most want our children to be loved and cared for just as we would when they are in another's care.  From day one, both of my children have loved your school and have never once told me that they didn't want to go.  This shows me that my children are in a loving, supportive and safe environment.  As an elementary teacher myself, I want my children to be in a learning environment that is both supportive of the level they are currently on and that will challenge them to become independent thinkers.  I want for them to reach for the stars, knowing that their teacher is there, ready to offer support when they need it.  I want them to learn solid social skills that will help develop their character and allow them to succeed in a world that is increasingly team based.  I want them to learn by playing, touching, moving and discovering because we have learned from current research that this is the most effective method of early childhood learning.  All of these things I have found at the Friendswood Children's House.  My daughter entered kindergarten off and running, easily able to take on the tasks that they asked of her.  My son will enter kindergarten this year and I am so ready to see him take the Kinder world by storm!  Thank you for all you have done for my children.  You have given them a solid foundation for the rest of their lives, and nothing is more important to me than that.

Jamaica Jenny

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